Of Kindness: How Often Do You Talk to the Person Who Serves You?

The Conversation That Turned my Day Around

Last evening, I walked into a mall in Noida.

I came across this lady guard and noticed that she was either tired or sad or unwell. I said – “Namaste, Kaisi hain aap? (Hello, How are you?) She replied simply with a “Theek hoon, madam (I am fine, madam).

But I insisted. “Aap theek lag nahi rahi. Kya hua, thak gayi hai kya? ( You don’t seem to be fine. Are you tired?) And to my consternation, tears began to roll down her eyes. What she said next struck me hard:

“Pata hai madam, subah se bahut pareshaan hoon, ro rahi hoon. Aap woh peli ho jisne mujhse theek se baat ki aur mujhe achcha feel karwaya.” (Do you know, madam, I’ve been upset since this morning, have been crying at intervals, but you’re the first one who’s asked me if I’m okay. You’re the first to make me feel better.)

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