Don’t Worry So Much. Robots Are Mostly Doing the Work People Hate Anyway

From finance to billing to IT, employees across all departments are plagued with a slew of manual, repetitive tasks. On average, managers spend two full days per week on administrative activities and, in the U.S., approximately $575 billion per year is spent performing administrative work. Millennial employees would rather make $40,000 per year doing a job they love as opposed to making $100,000 per year doing something boring. There is inherent risk with that much manual work, and those risks range from process delays to unnecessary burden on employee time, to ambivalence, boredom and disengagement that leads to errors, mistakes and job hopping. Not only that, but when employees are short on time, they are less likely to foster ideas and make decisions that can affect the overall health of the organization.

As brands look for new ways to gain a competitive edge and increase customer and employee loyalty, it’s more important than ever to implement the right technology to free employees from the more boring, mundane aspects of their jobs, and many are finding that freedom in robotics.

With the help of robotics, brands are paving the way to change how employees work. According to a recent report, 70 percent of IT decision-makers say that robotics has become more important in the last year alone. In the midst of this increase, some robotics solutions have become “plug and play,” where instead of having to be created from scratch they are pre-built and have best practice process knowledge and can easily be configured by business users. This makes them more accessible, easier and faster to deploy and cost-effective. As robotics become more mainstream, by 2020 robotic process automation is expected to alleviate employee duties in shared service centers by 65 percent. Not only will this increase speed, efficiency and accuracy, employees will finally have the bandwidth to generate ideas that benefit both the customer and the bottom line.

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