7 Qualities of the Most Charming People

You know the guy. He’s poised. He’s confident. And when he speaks to people, it’s in a strong measured voice, a relaxed tone and his words are well-chosen. Even his classy but understated appearance seems to fixate everyone around him.

But it’s not what he’s saying or how he looks. It’s his whole being.

As his voice and gestures indicate he’s nearly finished speaking, you feel inspired by not only his ideas but your own ideas now budding from this place of emotion and passion.

This guy has it! But what is it? What do these personalities have that can inspire you and draw you to them? Is it speaking well or being socially adroit or projecting an attractive, exciting image? Actually, it’s all of that—and more.

It’s charisma. And we all know charisma when we see it, even if it’s sometimes hard to pinpoint exactly why. But here’s my definition: Charisma is the ability to positively influence others by connecting with them physically, emotionally and intellectually.

It’s what makes people like you and enjoy being around you… even when they don’t know much about you.

But contrary to popular wisdom, charisma is not something you’re born with, like having blue eyes or brown hair. Instead, I think our personalities consist, let’s say, of a series of containers, like cups or glasses. Some are nearly empty, some brimming, yet others are partially filled to varying degrees. Together they constitute our potential charisma.

Here, as I see them, are the seven qualities of a person with great charisma:

1. They carry themselves well. Did you know you unconsciously send out signals to others? It’s your silent message. Maybe you look them right in the eye, or maybe you stare at your shoes when you talk. Perhaps you slump your shoulders, or maybe you square them assertively. You might smile naturally, or maybe you keep a straight face. All these shape your image.

2. They are persuasive. Everyone understands your message because charismatic people can distill complex ideas into simple messages.

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